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The original, timeless Moroccan Berber carpet made from natural virgin wool. According to an ancient tradition, knotted by hand with great skill and skill. The simple Berber carpets from the Beni Ourain region in Morocco's Atla Mountains have been valued in architecture and design circles for decades. Well-known names such as Alvar Aalto, Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright and the Eames couple have dedicated their work to the charming, simple Beni Ourain carpets and helped ensure that they have been able to find their way from Morocco into numerous western living rooms since the 1950s. The motif of this carefully hand-knotted layer rug results from the interaction of a woven and a knotted layer.

The color of the natural virgin wool is ideal for furnishing in combination with various types of floors. Light and dark parquet and wooden floors as well as concrete and other floor types harmonize well with natural wool.

Because it is made by hand, this carpet is unique. The imperfections make the piece unique and distinguish it as an original from an industrially manufactured product.