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When buying a carpet, our customers often ask us the question: “..but how do I care for the carpet?”. Don't worry - we have the answers.
First of all: Our carpets are all (except for the Boucherouite carpets and a few individual pieces with cotton content) made of sheep's wool. Sheep 's wool is a natural fiber that has stood the test of time for centuries: it warms in winter, cools in summer, is odour-inhibiting, dirt-resistant and therefore no less easy to care for than synthetic fibres. On the contrary - dirt often works out more easily because it cannot penetrate the fibers as deeply as, for example, with cotton.
Wool rugs are robust and very durable, anti-allergenic and dirt-repellent. Of course, it can still happen that a stain develops or the carpet needs to be cleaned.
Here we have put together a few tips for you on everyday and special care of your carpet, so that it will beautify your home for a long time to come and you will enjoy it for years to come.


The carpets like to be vacuumed regularly. However, you should pay attention to a few points so that your carpet is not damaged. When vacuuming, use an attachment without a brush. At best, this could damage the carpet structure, lead to more fluff formation and, in the worst case, fraying of the carpet.
The pile should be vacuumed in a slow, continuous motion, preferably always in the same direction. If you have the opportunity, you can occasionally shake out your rug and hang it out in the fresh air and sun. Also read the section below.


When asked, a tip from our partner and friend in Marrakech was as follows: "Just hang the carpet on the roof terrace in the sun to air it out." Sounds easy. But now it is clear to us that this can be a bit difficult for many people, since not everyone in our latitude has a roof terrace and the sun does not appear in the sky as naturally as in Morocco. That's why we recommend the good old carpet beating, which was already part of the grandparents' standard program for large-scale cleaning. Hung over a pole, all the dirt can be knocked out from deep in the pile. In addition, the piece is well aired, with the sun fighting any bacteria.

There is another, somewhat unusual tip here: If you beat out your carpet in winter, you can then lay the front or top of it in the snow for a few minutes . Then shake off the snow and carefully brush the carpet. Now all you have to do is let the good piece dry and the dirt should be gone, the colors refreshed and the shine restored.

You can also wash smaller cotton rugs by hand in the bathtub to freshen them up. It is important that the carpet can dry well afterwards so that the moisture does not accumulate - in the worst case this can lead to mould.


As is so often the case with Flecken, the first motto is 'being quick is everything'. The faster you can treat the stain, the greater the likelihood that it can be completely removed.

It pays to act quickly, especially in the case of spilled, staining liquids such as red wine or coffee. As a first aid measure, first cover the stain generously with conventional salt. The layer can be 1-2 cm thick. After a while, vacuum the salt. If you don't have salt to hand, baking powder is a good alternative. This draws out moisture and dirt just as well as salt.

The stain can then be treated with a conventional carpet cleaning foam. Such is available in hardware stores or larger supermarkets. Please follow the respective product instructions.

Alternatively, the stain can be treated with a sponge and soap-free agent or mild shampoo. A little caution is required here, because no detergents containing soap should be used on wool carpets, but rather mild or acidic agents such as shampoo or vinegar-water mixtures. The hair structure of the wool can be damaged by soap and the carpet can lose its strength and elasticity as a result.

It is important that the carpet can dry well after cleaning so that the moisture does not accumulate.

Dry stains such as chocolate or thick mud can be left to dry and then gently brushed out and vacuumed. As much dirt as possible should be removed in this way so that it does not penetrate further into the carpet structure during further treatment with a mild agent and some lukewarm water or carpet foam cleaner (see above).

In general, please note: Always dab stains and do not rub, so that the wool fibers do not become matted. In addition, the stain should always be worked from the outside inwards.

  1. To be fast!
  2. Cover the stain generously with salt or baking soda to pull the moisture and dirt out of the fibers
  3. Vacuum up excess salt/baking soda
  4. Treat the stain with a sponge and soap-free detergent, mild shampoo or carpet cleaning foam
  5. Dab and don't rub - from the outside in
  6. Let the carpet dry well
  1. let the dirt dry
  2. Brush and vacuum carefully
  3. Treat the stain with a sponge and soap-free detergent, mild shampoo or carpet cleaning foam
  4. Dab and don't rub - from the outside in
  5. Let the carpet dry well



Unlike a tufted rug, a knotted rug should not have entire strands coming loose. However, it is possible that a wool carpet forms fluff. However, this is not a quality defect but a natural property of wool:

At the beginning, the wool thread releases excess hairs in the form of a fine pile. Part of it falls out, the other nestles into the knotted structure of the carpet and strengthens it increasingly, so that the carpet becomes denser over time.

The hairs that fall out form fluff and bind the dust on the floor - they can easily be wiped up or vacuumed. After about 3 - 4 months, the amount of fluff will decrease significantly. For good care, it is sufficient to continue vacuuming the carpet regularly. Read the section above.

The more frequently the carpet is walked on, the faster the formation of fluff is reduced, since the hairs are worked into the carpet structure.

Brushing out the wool should be avoided as this can lead to increased formation of lint and damage to the carpet structure. You can cut off protruding but fixed threads with small scissors.


Do you love your carpet and don't want to give it away? Good this way. Nevertheless, it could be that this could do with a thorough cleaning.
We offer you the opportunity to have the carpet cleaned.