Why a Beni Ourain?

When deciding for or against a carpet, color, shape, size and design often weigh more heavily than the question of its material - but above all this should be pursued with caution.

The majority of mass-produced and industrially manufactured carpets are made of synthetic fibres, with polyacrylic, polyester, polypropylene or viscose being the preferred materials. These are not particularly environmentally friendly - even when recycled - because they are made from petroleum, cause microplastics and are therefore becoming an ever-increasing burden on the animal and plant world. The sustainable alternative: carpets made from natural fibers such as cotton or sheep's wool, because unlike synthetic wool, sheep's wool is a renewable raw material. Our Beni Ourain carpets are made from high-quality new sheep's wool and are therefore a purely natural product. They are knotted according to old tradition - by women's hands - and under fair production conditions over several weeks with a lot of care and dedication in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. This makes each of our rugs an exclusive one-off with character and history.

Of course, you should not only choose a Beni Ourain carpet for the sake of the environment, but also for your own sake! In particular, the synthetic fiber is said to be easy to care for and uncomplicated to use, for which an equivalent replacement can easily be found in the form of a natural fiber carpet. Sheep's wool is a natural fiber that has proven itself for centuries: it warms in winter, cools in summer, is odour-inhibiting, dirt-resistant and therefore no less easy to care for than synthetic fibres.

Our Beni Ourain carpets made of high-quality new sheep's wool are…

... temperature regulating
Their wool coat protects sheep from the cold in winter and heat in summer. Wool has a temperature-regulating effect because it consists mostly of air: air hardly conducts heat, which prevents the outside temperature - whether cold or warm - from reaching the skin too quickly. What applies to sheep also applies to us: a Beni Ourain rug can give you wonderful, warm and cozy hours in winter and the necessary cooling under your feet in summer.

... dirt and water resistant
Thanks to the special nature of its organic fibers, dirt and liquid are prevented from penetrating the carpet in a natural way - This incomparable, self-cleaning property of the natural fiber makes care easier for you: vacuuming, beating and airing are usually enough to freshen up your carpet and keep clean.

... antistatic and allergy-friendly
People who are allergic to house dust also benefit from natural fiber carpets, because their natural moisture content makes them antistatic, which binds fine dust from the air. With this property, our Beni Ourain carpets stand in direct contrast to commercially available synthetic fiber carpets. A welcome side effect: If you choose a sheep's wool rug, you are guaranteed to be spared unpleasant rustling, crackling and standing hair.

... detoxifying and odor neutralizing
Sheep's wool can demonstrably contribute to the detoxification and improvement of indoor air by permanently binding pollutants and rendering them harmless and by filtering out odors such as smoke or kitchen fumes. The larger the area that the wool occupies in the room, the stronger its cleaning and odor-neutralizing effect: A beautiful, large Beni Ourain rug is not just a successful eye-catcher - it is also a useful helper in combating pollutants and odors.

... hard-wearing and sound-absorbing
Carpets made of sheep's wool are generally robust and tear-resistant. As a home accessory that is trampled on every day, this quality quickly pays off. In addition, natural fibers absorb significantly more sound than synthetic fibers and contribute to a quiet, relaxed room atmosphere in the entrance, living and dining area. Even in the children's room, where things are often lively, a Beni Ourain carpet can prove to be a practical means of footfall sound insulation.

... flame retardant
A fluffy carpet in front of the tiled stove or fireplace creates a wonderful sense of comfort and seems to be made for this place. In view of the fact that hardly any natural fiber, let alone synthetic fiber, is as flame retardant as sheep's wool, your Beni Ourain rug is ideal for this.

What applies to so many other everyday objects also applies to carpets: If you invest in quality and high-quality materials, you ultimately also invest in their lifespan - a Beni Ourain carpet made of pure new sheep's wool will give you long-term and lasting pleasure. Since it neither gets out of shape nor out of fashion, it does not lose its value and fits into any furnishing concept: when it is redesigned, it will look for a new place frugally and modestly and will also join a move with carefree pleasure. So if you choose one of our Beni Ourain rugs, you are not only doing so for the sake of the environment, but above all for your own sake, because you will find a timeless and long-lasting companion in it.

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