Tips on carpets and furnishings

How do I find the right carpet for me?

Choosing a new carpet is often a major investment and not an easy decision. But don't worry, we'll help you find what you're looking for and promise: It's fun too!⁠ From AR , to a furnishing guide , to personal advice or advice in our showroom , you have many options.

Basic tips for furnishing with carpets

  • The bigger the room, the bigger the carpet.
  • The carpet should be placed at least 3 cm from the wall so that a strip of the floor is always visible. If you have enough space, we even recommend keeping a distance of 4 to 5 cm between the wall and the carpet.
  • Invest in a carpet underlay to extend the life of your carpet and prevent slipping - this will protect your carpet, the floor and yourself.
  • Whether the legs of your furniture should stand entirely or only partially on the carpet depends on the spatial situation, is to be weighed up individually and ultimately also a matter of taste. So don't be shy!
  • Finally, rules are made to be broken! Be brave, experiment a little and find out what suits you and your home best.
Test the carpet virtually
For all AR enthusiasts

With our new AR feature , you can use your smartphone to beam the carpets live into your four walls and view them at home!⁠

online consultation
For the fast

Upload pictures of your living space online and receive tips and suggestions from us by email. This is how we find out together which rug might suit you.

Advice in the showroom
For the enterprising

Let us advise you in the showroom - it is best to bring pictures of your home with you. Then borrow your favorite carpets from the showroom for a few days to try out. Before your visit, you are welcome to make a pre-selection online of the carpets that interest you: all carpets that you filter on our website for 'in stock' can also be found in our showroom.

Personal advice at your home
For the couch potatoes

Book your appointment for a personal consultation at your home using our appointment scheduler online.⁠

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