MY BENI carpets: made for eternity, sustainable and fair

From mass to class

Believe it or not, but when it comes to carpet production, there is often a lack of real sustainability thinking. Carpets are often made from cheap and environmentally unfriendly materials. Mostly mass-produced, produced to last a maximum of one year. Unsuspecting customers buy the cheap goods without being aware of the impact on people or the environment. The good news: there is a reversal. Producers and consumers alike are becoming more aware of the importance of high-quality, sustainable carpets. The materials used and their impact on the environment are becoming increasingly important. The purchase decision depends on the fairness of the working conditions and the longevity of the product. Finally a step in the right direction.

Knot by knot to more fairness

Sustainability and fair working conditions in carpet production are also important to us. Anyone who has been with us for a long time knows that our Berber carpets are carefully knotted by hand and manufactured under fair conditions. In Morocco, carpet weaving is women's work. This tradition has existed for hundreds of years and we continue to maintain and support it. Because by preserving this tradition, we want to give Moroccan women the chance to earn their own money and become independent. And all this under safe working conditions, fair wages and sustainable carpet production.

Digression: A big STEP for MY BENI

We have been officially “ STEP-certifiedsince October of this year and can proudly wear the seal to the outside world. The non-profit organization is committed to the well-being of workers in the carpet industry. In addition, the organization ensures that human rights are respected, child labor is not practiced and the working conditions for the hand weavers are safe and fair. The entire supply chain is examined, from the producer to the retailer.

Every purchase of a MY-BENI carpet helps STEP to finance important projects abroad and to give hand weavers from all over the world access to fair working conditions and education.

A carpet for eternity

Our weavers put a lot of time and dedication into the process. In doing so, they work centimeter by centimeter in natural new wool, which comes from sheep in the mountainous regions of Morocco. By using pure new sheep's wool without the addition of synthetic materials such as polypropylene or viscose, a pure, sustainable natural product is created, a Berber carpet according to tradition. Which on the one hand does not smell unpleasantly artificial and on the other hand is well suited for allergy sufferers.

carpet cleaning

Sheep's wool is a durable and rewarding product, especially when it comes to cleaning. Naturally stain-resistant, the fabric regenerates itself. However, even light superficial stains can easily be removed with lukewarm water and mild soap. If the stain is a bit more stubborn, such as a coffee or wine stain, we can remedy it with our carpet cleaning service. We try to use gentle and environmentally friendly processes and avoid chemical products as far as possible. We clean the carpets by hand to protect the structure and the material.

You can find out more about carpet cleaning at MY BENI here in our FAQs .

carpet repair

We want carpets to last as long as possible. If properly cared for by their owners, Berber rugs made from new wool will last a lifetime and can even be passed down through generations. From time to time, however, faux pas also happen: a hole appears in the carpet or knots come loose with daily use. Here, too, we are happy to help and ensure that the carpet looks like new again. (Small) holes can usually be repaired quickly and easily. We put our hands on it again and tie it into place.

You can find out more about carpet repairs at MY BENI here in our FAQs .

A second chance for your carpet

By cleaning and repairing we try to increase the useful life and longevity of a carpet. But sometimes even the most robust carpet has had its day: either it can no longer be saved or you just got fed up with it. We are happy to take old carpets and give them a second home at no extra charge. This gives your carpet a second chance or, depending on the degree of wear, we will properly dispose of it.

Small deeds with big effects

At MY BENI we try to think holistically, sustainably and fairly across the entire production and supply chain. For environmental reasons, we deliberately do not offer air freight shipments from Morocco, even if this would shorten the waiting process for our customers. For domestic carpet shipping, we use the climate-neutral shipping of Swiss Post. Small deeds with which we hope to have a big impact.

We are also currently working on our packaging. We want to bring our packaging material back into the circular economy and that it is used more than once. More to come!

Generations before us, carpets were originally made to last, not to be thrown away. By making a conscious decision in favor of a handmade Berber carpet made from new sheep's wool, you are helping MY BENI to promote fair working conditions and protect the environment. On top of that, you get a carpet that you can pass on to your children, grandchildren or someone else - up to you!

If you are still looking for your personal heirloom, we can help you, take a look at our MY BENI carpet collection .